Hello flagship
Cadets have launched our new flagship
Hello flagship
CPL Georgina on attending the launch of our new flagship in Spain
Cpl Georgina, Navy Board Cadet for Southern Area
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Cpl Georgina, Navy Board Cadet for Southern Area

I'm Georgina. I'm 17 and the Navy Board Cadet for Southern Area. I joined the Sea Cadet Corps in 2010 at the age of 12. A year later I transferred to the Royal Marine Cadets because you get the opportunity to spend more time out in the field. As well as this, there is a lot more PT than in Sea Cadets.

I have had many opportunities in cadets, whether that is taking part in a cutlass display team or as standard bearer at important events. Some of the highlights of my time in cadets have been while I was away on courses. I have been privileged enough to have been on TS Royalist twice and I went on the Bavarian Surprise trip in 2012. Both were fantastic experiences.

I have also taken part in a variety of competitions at all levels. I’ve competed for the Gibraltar Cup twice, winning the first time. I was 2nd in command both times, even though the first time I was only 14 years old and an MC1. It was a real experience going to Commando Training Centre Lympstone, especially as only a few females have been there and completed some of their exercises, such as the bottom field assault course. As well as the Gibraltar Cup, I have also attended both national drill and football twice.

As well as being Navy Board Cadet for Southern Area, I was also chosen to be the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet for East Sussex. Both of these awards are quite prestigious and I am humbled to have been chosen for both. I intend to become a member of staff after I turn 18 in order to try and give back some of what the Sea Cadet Corps has done for me.


Cpl Georgina, Navy Board Cadet for Southern Area

On 19 December 2014, I was privileged enough to attend the launch of the new flagship for the Sea Cadet Corps, along with my fellow Navy Board Cadets and one other cadet from each area. The evening before the launch, we flew over to A Coruna in Spain, where the ship has been built. We got a coach to the hotel in Ribadeo, before heading off to bed – we had been travelling late into the night and we had a big day ahead of us…

The next morning we got dressed in our blues then headed over to the shipyard, Astilleros Gondan. We were all a bit excited as we would be the first cadets to see the brand new flagship! I was apprehensive to see how much had been completed since my last visit for the keel laying ceremony in April.

When we finally made our way down to the slipway where the new ship would be launched, we got to see the new ship. It was quite a surreal experience because it looked so similar to the old flagship, TS Royalist, yet it looked much bigger! It was almost confusing to look at.

Before launching the new ship, it is traditional to smash a bottle of champagne on the hull to bring the ship good luck. Myself and the other eleven cadets were lucky enough to be the ones to smash the bottle of Spanish Cava (more fitting than champagne as we were in Spain). Once the bottle had been ceremoniously smashed, the ship was launched down the slipway then pulled alongside and tied up.

After a short reception we got to go on board and look around. I can defiantly confirm that although it is only three meters longer than the previous ship, it makes A LOT of difference. I felt like I was going to get lost! When I was looking around, I decided that the most important aspect that has changed is the fact that unlike the old Royalist where you had to untie and lower your bunk down, we have actual beds to sleep on!

We then went back to the hotel where we all had a formal dinner. The food was exquisite; there were five courses and by the end I was well and truly stuffed. It was a fantastic way to end a memorable day.

The next day we headed back to the airport, with a stop-off along the way to visit the oldest lighthouse in the world. Attending the launch of our new flagship was a brilliant experience and I am grateful for the opportunity to have gone. I would not have missed it for the world!

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