Honouring Nelson
LC Nik, Navy Board Cadet for London Area, paid his respects to Lord Nelson
Honouring Nelson
LC Nik honored Nelson by laying a wreath to mark the Battle of Trafalgar
LC Nikolas, Navy Board Cadet for London Area
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LC Nikolas, Navy Board Cadet for London Area

I'm Leacing Cadet Nikolas. I’m 17 and the Navy Board Cadet for London Area. I joined Sea Cadets in 2009 when I was 10. I can honestly say there has never been a time when I have been bored. Being in Sea Cadets has given me so many opportunities and life skills.

I was extremely lucky to take part in the Diamond Jubilee on board TS Royalist in the Avenue of Sail. At events like this I have met many members of the Royal family and even more celebrities! I've taken part in the Invictus games opening ceremony, and performed many carpet guards, to name just a few events.

I love to row and pipe; I always look forward to the competitions and have on occasion competed at national level. For me the best opportunity has to be getting chosen as the Navy Board Cadet for London Area, representing my fellow cadets.

LC Nikolas, Navy Board Cadet for London Area

On 21 October we marked the victory at the 1805 Battle Of Trafalgar, won by the Royal Navy commanded by Lord Nelson. On Sunday 18 October we had marched through the capital in front of huge crowds of people as part of our Trafalgar Day Parade.

The anniversary gives us an opportunity to pay our respects to Lord Nelson, and this year the occasion held even more significance for me than usual, as I had an important role to play. I was selected to lay a wreath in Lord Nelson’s Crypt at St Paul’s Cathedral.

There I met officers who were representing the Royal Navy and laying wreaths for the other sailors who have lost their lives.

I felt very privileged to be asked to take part in this event on behalf of the Sea Cadet Corps.

Paying respect to Nelson. Image: Sandra Rowse