Cadets attend rededication
Cadets gathered at the National Remembrance Arboretum
Cadets attend rededication
Cadet siblings on their visit to the National Remembrance Arboretum
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Amongst the trees and peacefulness of the National Remembrance Arboretum, in Staffordshire, cadets recently gathered to rededicate the memorial for Sea Cadets who have gone on to serve their country.

The arboretum has 50,000 trees and 300 memorials. It is the UK’s centre of remembrance, right in the heart of the country, where people can go to honour the fallen. The cadet memorial has recently been moved, so Sea Cadets were joined by Combined Cadet Force, Air and Army Cadets for a rededication ceremony.

"I wouldn't swap this day for anything"
- Junior Cadet Jack

Brother and sister Jack and Beth were two of the cadets who attended the service, from Nottinghamshire & Derby district. They told us what it was like to be there:

“It was a great day at the Memorial rededication service because I was given the pleasure of laying the wreath in remembrance of the Sea Cadets who served our country. The Arboretum is a stunning place with interesting artifacts. I loved it there, it felt great being amongst all the other cadets, and it was a real honour to meet Commodore Miller and the Captain Sea Cadets Captain Holloway. I wouldn't swap this day for anything.”
Junior Cadet Jack

Sea Cadets at the rededication ceremony with Captain Sea Cadets Captain Holloway (centre left) and Commodore Miller (centre right)

“It was an honour to be there. I got to see the memorial that was made for us, and it was really nice to see so many cadets, volunteers and members of the public. The Arboretum itself is very moving – it has so many monuments remembering so many people that gave their life to fight for our country. I found it very humbling, and it is good to see that so many people go there to remember the fallen.”
Cadet Beth

Sea Cadet siblings: Beth and Jack at the National Remembrance Arboretum

Photos by Ruth Ford