Meet your new dinghy
Cadets have been taking the new Sea Cadets dinghy out for a test sail
Meet your new dinghy
“How to describe the new RS Quest in one word? Wow!”
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Who’s looking forward to sailing season and getting back out on the water? Over the winter we’ve been working on something that we think will make future sailing seasons even better – a brand new Sea Cadets dinghy.

We wanted to develop a new type of training dinghy, one that offered a better platform to teach sailing. So we teamed up with the pros at RS Sailing to help us. Introducing: the RS Quest!

Developed and designed by RS Sailing and former Olympic sailor Jo Richards, the Quest is a light, 14-foot dinghy that will be more versatile. It has been designed specifically for Sea Cadets training and can be used for ‘Learn to Sail’ courses all the way up to ‘Advanced Techniques’.

The new dinghy will be easier to:

  • control
  • recover from capsizes
  • reef whilst afloat

The dinghy has been undergoing trials with cadets and volunteers of all sailing abilities to tweak any technicalities and finalise the design. Two lucky cadets who got the chance to sail the RS Quest are OC Tom, 14, and Cdt Hollie, 12, both from Somerset & Dorset District.

Hollie only started sailing last year, but has already achieved her Stage 3. “I usually sail picos, fevers and bosuns. This in comparison is a lot better to sail, it’s so much lighter and wider so there’s loads of room to move about,” says Hollie. I’d definitely recommend it. How would I describe the new RS Quest in one word? Wow!”

The RS Quest will be officially launched at Southampton Boat Show in September.