Ode to Royalist
TS Royalist, which recently sailed her final voyage
Ode to Royalist
A Sea Cadet has written a poem to honour our old flagship
Submitted by CURRENT

After some memorable trips on board our decommissioned flagship TS Royalist, PPO Amy from London Western District was inspired to write a poem about it. Read her poem below, and leave your own memories of Royalist in the comments section.

The Love I Feel

The love I feel for such a ship
Is a love that will never fade
It stems right back to my very fist trip
A journey I'm so glad I made

I was nervous at first
But it didn't last for long
My excitement had burst
I knew I would belong

While on board, you’re in a bubble
With happiness, joy and lots of smiles
You get away from the world and it's troubles
And sail along for miles and miles

She gives people a sense of hope
When times may be quite hard
All you need are some lines of rope
And the all important watch card

The crew on board are all so great
With them around, no second’s a bore
They'll think about the sea and it's state
They'll help you learn and explore

She's given people memories of a lifetime
Over 30,000 people she has served
Whether it's taking the helm or completing a climb
A well done is well deserved

Although we're losing such pure beauty
The memories shall never die
She's done us proud, she's served her duty
And now it's time to say goodbye

We've had our fun we've had our games
She had her life she's got her story
We've done a lot we've achieved our aims
May her name remain forevermore in glory

The love I will feel for our new ship
Is a love that will never fade
It will stem right from my very fist trip
A journey I'll be so glad I made


Amy is already an award-winning poet – she was the winner of our Writing@Sea creative writing competition earlier this year. You can read her winning poem here

Have you had amazing experiences on TS Royalist? Why not share them with other cadets in the comments  below.