Photography competition
One of the winning photos, by CPOA(Phot) Thomas McDonald
Photography competition
Capture the spirit of Sea Cadets and win an offshore adventure!
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How would you like to win an exciting offshore voyage? What about having a photo that you’ve taken displayed alongside those of the best photographers in the Royal Navy?

All you have to do for your chance to make this a reality is enter the Peregrine Trophy, the Royal Navy’s photography competition. 

The judges of the competition are looking for photos that illustrate the opportunity, youth, fun, skill, teamwork and determination of Sea Cadets – that shouldn’t be too hard, considering all the things that units get up to every week.

A winning photo from the 2015 competition, by Lt Jamie Weller RN, Crown Copyright

Cadets, camera, action!

It doesn’t have to be a big event for you to take a winning photo, it could be a competition, sailing, rowing, training for the Gibraltar Cup, or fundraising. Are you embarking on an offshore or onshore course? Perfect – that will be bursting with photo opportunities.

The winning cadet of the 2015 competition was AC Henry, who got to attend the award ceremony on HMS Ocean, the UK’s biggest naval destroyer. On this page you will find inspiration from the other photos that were displayed alongside Henry’s, taken throughout the year by the Royal Navy’s finest photographers.  

A winning photo by LA(Phot) Dan Rosenbaum, Crown Copyright. LET(ME) Al Hanson does a bunjee jump at the Jersey Boat Show in 2014

How to enter

Fill in this application form and send with your photos as JPGs to:

Terms and conditions

  • You must be a serving Sea Cadet or RMC, aged 13-18.
  • You must have taken the photograph yourself, at a Sea Cadet or Royal Marines Cadet activity, between March 2015 and March 2016.
  • The closing date for entries is 17th march 2016.
  • You can submit up to three photos that capture the spirit of Sea Cadets: opportunity, youth, fun, skill, teamwork and determination.
  • The judges are looking for technical excellence, creativity and impact.
  • The winner receives an offshore voyage and £100 of Sea Cadet Shop vouchers for their unit, and will attend the awards ceremony in London to be presented with their award by the First Sea Lord.
  • Electronic manipulation of the photograph is not permitted, for example Photoshop.
  • The winners are announced in July and their photos will then be on display in London.

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Get some tips on how to take a great photo and start capturing all the great things that Sea Cadets get up to.

CPOA(PHOT) Thomas McDonald won his category with this shot of HMS Vigilant returning to HMNB Clyde, escorted home by HMS Tracker