Tall ship tales
Thousands of cadets had exciting offshore voyages on TS Royalist
Tall ship tales
Cadets tell of adventures on TS Royalist through the ages
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To celebrate the life of our former flagship, and mark the commissioning of our brand new one, we asked current and former Sea Cadets to tell us about their adventures on board on TS Royalist.

The writer of the best story won the ship’s original flagboard, a genuine piece of our past that has sailed hundreds of miles and taken thousands of cadets on unforgettable offshore voyages.

The winner of the competition was AC Owen, for his atmospheric account of what it’s like being at sea. But we had lots of other entries that brilliantly capture the spirit of a trip on our flagship, so we’re sharing them here.

See extracts from these voyages below. Click on the names to read the entire stories.

Owen (winner)
"Royalist isn't about the destination; it's about the journey. It's about the skills and experiences that we pick up along the way. It's about friends for life, and tales to share. Most of all, it's about fun and adventure!"

Caitlin (highly commended)
“I will be 18 this year and the opportunities that the Sea Cadet Corps and TS Royalist have given me over the last seven and a half years have changed my life.”

Ffion (commended)
“I not only enjoyed the fact that you get to meet new people, but also that you have your own jobs on board, and these jobs make the ship sail. By having these individual responsibilities, you have to work as a team and learn new skills.”

“Each time I went on board I had an even greater experience than the last.”

“If l had the chance to do this again, l would do it in a heartbeat – the memories l have will live with me forever.”

“I have been going on Royalist for the last 19 years. It all started when my wife booked me on as a surprise 50th birthday present.”

“I was thrilled to see all these enthusiastic cadets and we began the next day by climbing the rigging.”

“I sailed on TS Royalist in August of 1978. We were one of the first ‘mixed crews’, 6 girls and 18 boys.”

“My favourite part of it was getting to do the nightwatch. Although it was cold, I loved it, mainly because of the tranquil sound of the waves lapping against the boat, with the moon’s rays shining onto the sea.”

“I loved it because I went on Royalist during the last year before it was decommissioned. It was amazing to be a part of the crew for a week, and I learnt something new every day.”

“I was so proud when I was given the job of coxswain, manoeuvring her up Dartmouth estuary to her berth near the Dartmouth Naval College. Forty years later, just as vivid.”

“I went on Royalist because of LTC Hillman, who inspired me as he spoke about her. But before I went on board, sadly Sir passed away, and I want to tell him so much about the trip I went on and how much I loved it.”

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