Ocean Film Festival
Ocean Film Festival
International filmmakers are raising awareness and enjoying our oceans
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Rachael Stiles

Writer and editor for Current.

Rachael Stiles

A group of filmmakers and ocean-lovers have organised a film festival “to inspire you to explore, respect, enjoy, and protect our oceans.”

The festival, which started in Australia, showcases a unique selection of films made by different people from around the world (including the UK). They talk about a wide range of things like the environment, the underwater world of marine creatures, water sports, coastal cultures that rely on the sea for survival, and all-round ocean lovers.

The films will be touring the UK until the end of October. Check out some pictures and learn a bit about each film below:

And Then We Swam

In 2011, two friends set off to row across the Indian Ocean in a secondhand boat. With zero rowing experience, they signed up for an organised race, but the small number of other entrants meant that there would be no support boat. After 116 grueling days at sea, the duo was within 8km of the finishing line when disaster struck.

Alive: Out of Air

On an expedition to the Arctic, filmmaker Adam Ravetch made a decision which nearly cost him his life. Terrified and thinking he was done for, with a sheet of ice above him and his oxygen running out, Adam could only watch from below as his guide desperately tried to hack away at the ice and free him.

Duct Tape Surfing

Imagine if you could no longer enjoy the great things the sea has to offer. Eighteen years ago, a car accident left Pascale Honore paralysed from the waist down. Fascinated by the ocean, Pascale dreamed of being able to surf. With the support of big wave surfer and professional diver Tyron Swan, and a roll of duct tape, Pascale's dream eventually became a reality.

Haenyeo: Women of The Sea

For hundreds of years, Haenyeo (the name for the female free-divers), have collected seafood off Jeju Island, South Korea, without the use of scuba equipment. This film documents the triumphs, trials and harsh realities of everyday life for this brave group of women.


This multi-award winning surf documentary will have your heart racing and palms sweating. Discover the science behind what makes the perfect wave as you witness some of surfing's greatest talents take on monster swells at Shipstern's Bluff, about 30km off Tasmania's south coast in Australia. (image: immersionthemovie.com)

People Under the Sea

By placing 400 statues on a seabed in the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Mexico, artist Jason Taylor was able to combine his two lifelong passions: scuba diving and sculpture. This film captures his journey as he transforms the seafloor into a huge underwater museum for visitors to explore while diving, or admire from the surface with a mask.

Riders to the Sea

A surfing duel breaks out between a male and female surfer off Ireland's west coast. This quirky film is filled with breaking waves and racing hearts as the pair compete for their place in the surf.

Sportlife Saga: Water

Follow world champion free-diver Guillaume Néry deep below the water's surface as he transforms the sport of free-diving into an art. Now a world-record holder, Guillaume reaches depths of more than 100m and can stay below the surface for more than seven minutes. (Image: Sportlife Saga © Julie Gautier)

The Giant & The Fishermen

Discover the incredible friendship that develops between two beings linked by the sea: whale sharks and fishermen. Rather than hunting them for their fins, the fishermen believe the sharks are a symbol of good luck. This film tells the remarkable tale of the unlikely bond that exists between these two competing predators.

Till The Luck Runs Dry

Shot at a picturesque headland on the north coast of Cornwall this film follows Tony on a winter's day as he creates one of his large scale beach drawings on the sand.  Go on an artistic and musical journey as Tony draws his lines in the sand before the waves roll in.

Variables with Kimi Werner

Kimi Werner grew up in tropical surroundings in Maui, Hawaii's second-largest island. This film follows Kimi's journey as she strives to find her place in the ecosystem, treading the fine line between predator and prey and eventually discovering balance in an unlikely place.

Learn more about the festival, find out where the tour is visiting around the UK, and watch a trailer below to see some clips from the films: