Meet a Lord Lt’s Cadet
AC Joe receives his certificate from Lord Lieutenant Barry Dobbs CBE,
Meet a Lord Lt’s Cadet
What's it like to be chosen for the prestigious role? “I felt honoured”
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Lord Lieutenants are the Queen's personal representatives. In the old days, they organised the county's militia, but today it is mostly a ceremonial role. Each county in the UK has a Lord Lieutenant, and each Lord Lieutenant has a Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet.

Able Cadet Joe, from Teeside District, was recently sworn in as the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet for North Yorkshire, a role that will last for a year. He talks to Current to explain what it’s all about…

How did it feel to be selected?

When I first found out I had been nominated I wasn’t quite sure what a Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet was! However, after finding out what it meant I felt honoured to have been selected for such a prestigious role. It was especially pleasing to know that I was nominated because of the time and effort I have put into Sea Cadets.

What happened at the ceremony? 

I was a lot more nervous and it was a much bigger event than I expected. We met with the Lord Lieutenant and a number of Army Officers, then we marched and I received my certificate. I was very proud.

“Being a Sea cadet has taught me many valuable lessons which will help me massively later in life”

What will your responsibilities be?

The Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet represents their cadet force whilst helping the Lord Lieutenant in his duties. We had an induction day where we learned how to carry out our duties properly, such as accompanying the Lord Lieutenant on official visits, helping to present medals and carry their hat and sword. I haven’t had any duties to carry out yet, but I am really looking forward to my first event, especially as a member of the Royal Family might be there!

What are your goals for the future, and how will this help you to achieve them?

When I finish college next year I plan to do as much travelling as I can, including going to South Africa for three months to volunteer with children. After a year or two I hope to join the Royal Navy as either an Aircrewman or a Medic.

Being a Sea Cadet has not only given me a fantastic insight into life in the Navy and the opportunities it can offer, but it has also taught me many valuable lessons which will help me massively later in life, like the importance of discipline and working as a team. As I have got a little older, I’ve become aware of the importance of passing this knowledge onto other cadets to help them reach their full potential. My role as Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet will further develop my confidence and hopefully I will grow as a person as the year goes on.  

Joe and his Commanding Officer

This is the first time in 10 years that this role has been given to someone from Joe’s unit, and he is the first Able Cadet to receive this honour, as it is usually given to Leading Cadets or Petty Officer Cadets.

CO Fielden, from Joe’s unit, calls him an “outstanding” Sea Cadet. “Joe is enthusiastic, hard working, trustworthy and loyal,” he says. “He’s a mature, polite well-mannered young man and a credit to the unit, where the other cadets look up to him as a role model. I am extremely proud of him.”