Star Cadet Jade
Jade teaching sailing Stage 3 at her unit's eastercamp at SCTC Thrapston
Star Cadet Jade
“Sailing and windsurfing has changed my life in every way”
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Jade is 16 and from Northants & Leics District. She already has not just one but two RYA instructor qualifications under her belt. She achieved both her Dinghy Instructor and Windsurfing Instructor qualification with the RYA just after she turned 16. Jade talked to Current about life, sailing and Sea Cadets.

What made you decide to get involved with watersports through the OnBoard scheme?

Well the main reason was actually my mum, she used to sail when she was younger and I really wanted to be just like her. My aim was to make her proud. As I was 10, sailing was something that seemed exciting for such a young person to do; I felt that it was something that would set me apart others. It was the best decision I've ever made!

What effect has sailing and windsurfing had on your life?

Sailing and windsurfing has changed my life in every way possible. It introduced me to my best friends and I have made so many more because of it. There are so many skills I have learnt and that I am still learning. But more importantly it's given me confidence inside and outside the sports. It also became the thing I do to relax and escape from the stress of school.

This year's Area Windsurfing competition, where she came 1st

How has gaining your Instructor qualifications affected you?

It has given me more confidence. But teaching is a whole new ball game. I haven't had the qualifications for long so my teaching skills are improving the more I teach, but I learn something new each time. I currently work as an instructor at my local sailing club and I love it! I could definitely do this as a career in the future!

Teaching a group to windsurf

What's the funniest thing that’s happened to you at Sea Cadets? 

There are so many things, so it's hard to pick just one! Last year at the National Sailing and Windsurfing Regatta, our windsurfing team thought it would be an awesome idea to wear fairy wings and bunny ears to make us stand out even more than our bright orange team colour… We got a lot of strange looks but it definitely made us well known! It was so much fun that we even wore them when we were racing.

Jade (left) at the 2014 National Sailing and Windsurfing Regatta

Jade was nominiated as a Star Cadet by Lt Cdr (SCC) Chris Read MBE RNR, District Officer of Northamptonshire and Leciestershire. He said:

“Lots of cadets get qualifications through the RYA but it’s unusual to be an RYA qualified instructor in two disciplines at just 16! Through Sea Cadets and the local RYA, Jade has really expanded her coaching skills. 

“I have seen her develop, achieving many things by embracing the full range of activities with Sea Cadets. I am proud to see what Jade has achieved over the last six years and I am sure she has a bright future ahead of her. She is one of many of our star cadets due to her drive and determination – she does not give up easily!”

Jade picks up her second consecutive silver medal at National Sailing & Windsurfing (for windsurfing) in 2014, from Sea Cadets CEO Martin Coles