Star Cadet: LC Gareth
LC Gareth with his trophy and TS Royalist CO Lt (SCC) Angie Morris RNR
Star Cadet: LC Gareth
Gareth has been awarded the Martin Henwood trophy
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“Sea Cadets has changed my life,” says LC Gareth, from Northern Ireland District, our latest Star Cadet. “And TS Royalist is the best thing about Sea Cadets.”

Last week Gareth was awarded the Martin Henwood trophy, a special award for demonstrating the best Sea Cadets qualities whilst on board TS Royalist during the year. This includes best endeavour, trying hard, doing well, and working as part of a team. 

LC Gareth has been a Sea Cadet for five years. “Sea Cadets has been an amazing experience for me, it’s changed my life completely, and made me a better and more confident person,” he tells us. “I used to be really shy.”

Not only has he sailed on Royalist, but he’s also been on every offshore vessel in the Sea Cadets fleet! He achieved his Master Coxswain badge, after failing the Offshore Seaman the first time around. “I went back and tried again and worked really hard and I got it, and parts of my Watch Leader’s too,” Gareth says.

He has also completed a Sea Cadet aviation course, and taken part in rowing, sailing and national drill competitions.

This year Gareth has been on TS Royalist for two weeks. “I just loved it – there’s no way to describe it,” he explains. “It was the best week of my life, and one of the biggest adventures I’ve ever had.”

LC Gareth received the award at TS Royalist’s decommissioning service on 20 November. It was presented to him by Captain Sea Cadets Jonathan Holloway.

“On Royalist I’ve learnt self-discipline, navigation and problem solving. I also learned that there isn’t always going to be a volunteer around to help, so sometimes you need to sort stuff out for yourself,” he says.

“And the sailing – that’s my favourite bit!”

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